During this profoundly relaxing experience, participants remain in savasana while receiving the peaceful sound waves. I will create soundscapes that will take guests on a journey into the blissful current of the infinite field of vibration. Pure sounds, initiated by the serene tones of Tibetan & Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Vocal Toning, Sacred Mantra and a myriad of other healing instruments. As the nervous system relaxes, the mind enters a powerfully healing state known as alpha-theta brainwave activity. The body’s cellular healing and regeneration accelerates and subtle senses become heightened. A wonderful experience for anyone, from the novice meditation practitioner as well as someone with a regular practice.


Sound Healing works in many miraculous ways. Physical, Emotional, Mental traumas can be released and healed. A Sound Bath can be easily created in most spaces. It is best to have a quiet area, with comfortable props available for guests to rest upon. Blankets, mats, pillows and chairs. If you do not have these items please inform me in advance and I may be able to provide them for an extra fee. 

Guided Sound Healing Meditation

Enjoy a sound bath with the addition of a guided meditation. Guided meditations can be tailored to any subject, theme or experience. I have been trained using hypnotic, yogic techniques for leading deep relaxing guided journeys. 

Guided Meditations 

This list contains some of the guided meditations I have offered in the past

Yoga Nidra

Intuitive Heart

Chakra Cleansing

Peaceful Prayer


Healing Forgiveness



Joyful Journey


New Moon Intention

Full Moon Release

Healing Grief and Letting Go of Loss

Intentional Passage of Time

Meditation on Relating

Self Connection & Adoration


Lotus Heart




Maha Meditation


Inner and Outer Worlds





Balance of the Elements

Mantra Chanting Workshop

Half Day and Condensed 90 minute workshops available. In this workshop, students will learn about the history, purpose and power of mantra. Chanting has been an integral part of sadhana, and the practice of yoga for thousands of years. The knowledge in this workshop can be an enrichment to any personal or professional practice. Mantras are sacred vibrational sounds that awaken deep states of divine consciousness. Learn to cultivate the connection between the body, breath, mind, voice, heart and the spirit. 

This workshop has a multi-media element that is best experienced with the ability to project a presentation on screen or light colored smooth textured walls. 

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