Listening for Love in all Places

I am learning that strengthening my intuition and finding my ability to follow my dharma requires that I must open my mind and heart. This is almost common sense, really.... but just because the idea of having and open mind and heart rings true, it is not always the easiest path to follow. It takes bravery to invite fierce Love in.

Photo credit: In my life, chanting mantra is the fastest way there, for it helps me to actually open the mind's death grip on perceiver. It is so essential for me to pray. This is not a moment of asking or thinking of what I need, although plenty of those prayers are said too. This is not a moment for wandering through thoughts of the bewildering amount of "problems" I think that I have. This is not a moment for that, because, as Marianne Williamson teaches.... we really only have one problem. It is our separation and disconnect from God. This moment is for me to be with the greatest Lover of all time. Prayer delivers God unto me and me unto God. Intoxicatingly sweet and serene. Mantra is both meditation and prayer in one. Riding the vibrational tunnel to stillness beyond any silence I've ever known before. Into the vast knowingness... where once I have been there for a time all thoughts, all of my energy shifts higher.

A dear friend of mine, Jessie Buchanan mentioned a quote during our Shakti Circle earlier this month "God speaks to you in your language" - so let that word, God, be - however you might language that which is beyond language. For me God is Love. Love is this is how I will language that from now on.

We must listen for spirit to hear Love. We must listen. This is opening mind. Listening. Becoming reflection not projection. We must listen for Love. Always. Where are you hiding in this moment Love? In this moment that mind has arranged a story about I am experiencing anger, but to live my dharma I must listen for Love. I must quiet the storyteller so that I can hear Love. The emotions brought on by the storyteller can, at times, become so much louder to the mind, and to the perceiver. The perceiver is not the mind... that which is the perceiver is Love looking out through your eyes. That which creates through us. So the mind must be open and Love must be allowed to enter.

If you're looking for inspiration to opening yourself to Love.... just take a moment to listen to this phenomenal creation of Love by Jim Beckwith.

Once I create space for this, then it is much easier to find deep pause for presence amidst the wonderfully chaotic daily wanderings of the mind. The perceiver, rather than auto logging into ego's wifi to stream..chooses to remain open to the great wifi in the sky so to speak. Spirit opens us. In the same way that when we fall in Love with another person we become softened, braver and more willing to shift outside of our comfort zone. If I am able to grant this space to spirit in my heart.... and then all aspects of awareness merges with source. In Love. Then beauty of divine Love begins to stream through. I must practice listening for spirit. I never want to leave that space. The divine union. It is sweeter than the greatest Love I have ever known. It is beyond comprehension. It is beyond language. This is prayer. This is mantra. This energy vortex of Love carrying me deeper than I've ever known. This is the experience of offering up mental chatter over and over again until it becomes quiet background noise to the roar of sacred names deep inside of the heart-pEace.

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There, all knowingness resides. Center of the luminous channel of divine energy flowing like a pillar through our spine. Riding the overwhelmingly expansive feeling of open hearted fierce Love. Consciously bringing forth prayer through throat chakra, expressing ourselves AS divinity leading us to the intuitive space of third eye, temple of the guru, the teacher that is LOVE. That is God. That is creator. Creating. Deepening the language of Love that is our purest state of awareness.

Sitting there as long as I am able, in prayer, learning the feeling of THAT, the experience of it... creating the self as creator, creatrix, dreamer and dream. Source expanding in bliss, while you the perceiver is aware of that which is hidden regularly from mind by ego. This is our I AM. My practice is staying there, beyond mind for longer and longer periods. Trying to engage more deeply with the oneness. That which leads me, intuition... in to Love. For I AM Love. Dear God, Dearest Love - Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?

. It will fill your soul. It will open you.

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