A Meditation on Acceptance

This year has been one tremendously transformational journey. Am I right?

In the last few weeks I have been working with the energy of acceptance. In this meditation we expand our awareness of how to find more acceptance by working our way through the Chakras. When difficult situations arise, we can move into the vibratory state of spaciousness and allowing. If we are able to enter this state we create an opportunity for a greater depth of the human experience. Why is it that we suffer? Recognizing that peacefulness comes from our ability to surrender to the moment...... not in the getting of what we desire, but in the wanting of what we have. We create conflict in our lives by struggling against what has arisen within the present moment. Recognizing that our pain, anxiety, and suffering is born only from our denial or seeking to escape where we are and what is. We can alleviate our pain by recognizing. Simply recognizing this struggle provides immediate relief. When we step out of the shatteredness and step into the peace of embracing. The struggle and pain can only arise from within, peace can only come from within. Release the internal battle and the need to label and judge. Be open and receptive. Be with whatever arises. Use these affirmations throughout each chakra to help align yourself with the energy of acceptance.