A Meditation on Acceptance

This year has been one tremendously transformational journey. Am I right?

In the last few weeks I have been working with the energy of acceptance. In this meditation we expand our awareness of how to find more acceptance by working our way through the Chakras. When difficult situations arise, we can move into the vibratory state of spaciousness and allowing. If we are able to enter this state we create an opportunity for a greater depth of the human experience. Why is it that we suffer? Recognizing that peacefulness comes from our ability to surrender to the moment...... not in the getting of what we desire, but in the wanting of what we have. We create conflict in our lives by struggling against what has arisen within the present moment. Recognizing that our pain, anxiety, and suffering is born only from our denial or seeking to escape where we are and what is. We can alleviate our pain by recognizing. Simply recognizing this struggle provides immediate relief. When we step out of the shatteredness and step into the peace of embracing. The struggle and pain can only arise from within, peace can only come from within. Release the internal battle and the need to label and judge. Be open and receptive. Be with whatever arises. Use these affirmations throughout each chakra to help align yourself with the energy of acceptance.


In this chakra, the center of our trust and security, we can fall into deep seated fears about survival, and worries about the physical realm. Are you the type of person that clutters your day with menial tasks? Scheduling appointment, frantically running errands? When we operate from this space we sever our connection with source and presence. When we are focusing on all of the tasks that need to be done in order to maintain the chaos of living in the physical realm we can not focus on the beautiful moments. We are vibrating in a low frequency which can only attract more of that which has been created from a place of fear. Ask yourself, what is the quality of my daily experience? How total am I in each moment?

Focus your awareness on the root chakra. Sending the breath to the muladhara chakra. Place the vibration of this affirmation deep within your root chakra.


Here in the space of giving and receiving pleasure we easily become blocked through attachment to the idea that we must cling to pleasant sensations and avoid painful ones. Knowing that experience in this sense perceptive form leads us into the fleeting nature, the ripples on the surface of our being. As these ripples become our focus we can become dizzy and have no idea as we are tossed around where the shore is.... but through the process of relaxing into the flow we are lifted high enough to see.... and we can gently descend into the still deep pool, the depth within you that is eternal, free from the chaos of expectation and judgements that are created by limited thinking mind.

Focus on Svadisthana and allow the vibrations of this affirmation to be born within you.


Chakra of will and determination, self discipline. Personal strength and power. It takes a deep level of inner strength to be totally present in acceptance. The heat of digestion simmers in this chakra, we receive and digest all experience here – distributing that which is useful and sending out that which is not for elimination.

Focus your intention and awareness on this energy center and repeat these affirmations.


Surrender is the inner transition from resistance to acceptance. In our hearts this energy shift comes

easily. Here we can easily soften and open ourselves to the higher realm of the spirit. Anahata is the bridge between physical realm and ethereal.

Focus your awareness on the sensations coming from heart center. The warmth building here in this

energy center and repeat these affirmations.


It is easy to become blocked in this chakra, when difficulty arises for this energy center is a powerful story teller. It is here that arguments and compulsions may arise in attempts to lessen pain or to maintain pleasurable sensations. Healing comes from embracing the moment, not the story created regarding the moment.

Allowing and letting go. Settling in and sitting with whatever arises. Focus on your throat chakra repeating these affirmations


This space recognizes the truth in allowing, for it is here that we see truth from. In this chakra you are able to completely accept any moment without inner resistance or a state of conflict. It is here that you are deeply connected with consciousness, the spacious witness beyond thinking mind. Infinite.

Allow yourself to focus on the third eye center of the forhead and experience any truth that comes, repeating these affirmations.


This spacious and vast chakra connects us with the divine oneness and our true nature. It is here that we are able to recognize synchronicity and confluence through the storms of our mental and emotional fluctuations. It is a beautiful experience to surrender and allow, for it is when divine intelligence greater than limited thinking mind can flow through us! Stepping through the struggle and conflict to the open spacious awareness. Awakening beyond thought to the witness that observes the rising and falling of emotion and memory, judgment and analyzing. The divine conscious seed within all of us, recognizes itself in every moment and beckons us to embrace it.

My favorite affirmation for this divine chakra.... is I AM that - inserting that which you are replacing that. I will be speaking on the power of the I AM as a mantra soon.... so stay tuned.

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