In almost every yoga class I have taken, and any that I have taught... we bring our hands together over our hearts. In this moment, this gesture is so familiar that at times, I have been disconnected from the depth of the experience. This repetitive motion seems almost mechanical. When I wake to this state within myself I remember the sacredness of prayer. The truth in the vibration of it. The infinite power to create that comes in this moment.

When I bring my hands together in the position of a prayer placed over my heart I unite the creative forces of feminine and masculine currents running through the left and right sides of my body, connecting them together in balance. In one gentle movement merging action and receptivity. Standing in Tadasana, the mountain energy rises within me. The strength of being both utterly grounded and towering in the sky. I open my heart to receive. I open my hands dropping all that I have carried, all that I was clinging to, I set it all down so that I can be here. In this moment. With the breath moving into my chest, filling and expanding my heartcenter, I gather energy. My hands floating up towards the heav