An Excersize in Writing Intention

Beginning each and every day with an intention is a powerful practice. It sounds pretty easy to do, but it can be overwhelming to decide upon an intention. For my daily intention work I have a tendency to use tools to bring about an intention. Guidance from a deck of cards. Leafing through a 365 day inspiration calendar. Asking for an intention to arise during my morning meditation. I like to allow whatever comes through to arise. There are times when I am doing some deep inner work and attempting to grasp a spiritual concept so I will choose a fundamental idea that supports that work as my intention. For example, if I am working with forgiveness... I might choose an intention supporting that work. "I find it easy to forgive others and to see their perception of experience from compassionate eyes." It might be easy to forgive little things all throughout my day and lead me deeper into the heart space where I will be able to forgive what I perceive as bigger betrayals.