An Excersize in Writing Intention

Beginning each and every day with an intention is a powerful practice. It sounds pretty easy to do, but it can be overwhelming to decide upon an intention. For my daily intention work I have a tendency to use tools to bring about an intention. Guidance from a deck of cards. Leafing through a 365 day inspiration calendar. Asking for an intention to arise during my morning meditation. I like to allow whatever comes through to arise. There are times when I am doing some deep inner work and attempting to grasp a spiritual concept so I will choose a fundamental idea that supports that work as my intention. For example, if I am working with forgiveness... I might choose an intention supporting that work. "I find it easy to forgive others and to see their perception of experience from compassionate eyes." It might be easy to forgive little things all throughout my day and lead me deeper into the heart space where I will be able to forgive what I perceive as bigger betrayals.

What about setting intention for a big event, such as the new year, full moons, new moons, the Equinox? It can be more difficult to come up with intentions when we are trying to prepare for seasonal changes. Don't fret. Don't get overwhelmed. You only need to create space and spirit will guide you in your own practice. I am sharing my own practice. May you find inspiration within it.


Walking through the doorway of my meditation room always feels surreal. It is as if I am leaving behind another world and going into a magical chamber. I can create that feeling anwyhere. It is the feeling of 'arriving' on your yoga mat, or the safe space of sitting down on your meditation cushion. Whatever you do to create sacred space is perfect. It can be as simple as sitting down under the stars. Take a few moments to do this. It will bring about a powerful vibration for creation. Creating a ritual invites the creative source energy that is always flowing through you to be the driving force, increasing your awareness and presence.


Research and Development - Grab your journal

First things first. Know the layout of the land. If you're going to plan an excursion you check out the roadmap, you look at the terrain. This will help you to prepare. So take a few minutes to investigate what the experts are saying about the stars, the celestial energies, the time of the season, etc. Look to what the spiritual guides that you trust are sharing with the collective about what is happening in this moment. Take some notes! What stands out to you as important?

I adore Mimi of Gaia Blooming! I enjoy the light that she is shining.... I usually listen to her guidance among some others. I spend a few minutes studying what the guides have to say, taking notes and then I sit in meditation, followed by reflective journaling.


This can be brief. A ten minute pranayam. Whatever you need to drop into the heart out of the space of intellectual absorption. Studying turns on the intellect. Meditation turns on the heart. In order to truly know thyself one must be able to come into the place of the observer. Asana can also lead you out of that state of mind where you are reacting to everything and into the deep expansive place of the witness..... so take a few moments to drop into the heart and out of the mind in whatever way is calling to you.


Reflection and Self-Study

Me and the pen go to town on that journal. Getting honest. Knowing thyself. Observing.

Clearing out the dust and the chaos of the mental chatter through meditation prior to setting intention is essential for me. This leads me into the space where my intentions can come from the divine source energey I AM. It allows me to write intentions that come from the vibration of that which is for the highest good. This vibration resonates in harmony with all of existence. With the true nature of reality and therefore, is easier to manifest. This practice has brought me into leading a more fufilling life. I review my intentions from the previous month and evaluate if they are still valid, and what awakenings they have brought in. I look at the patterns unfolding and where I need to evolve. Trusting in this process I begin to let a list of messy intentions organically arise. Some making no sense, others perfect in their expression.


The Fuel for the Fire

I sit in prayer for several minutes and then return to the messy list of free flowing intentions.... to refine and create the best intentions possible. I enjoy Benjamin Riggs Prayer for Intention Setting.


Capture & Release

Write them down. Use the most beautiful handwriting. Place them somewhere special. Let the practice be intentional. Every word. Every breath. Let your intentions be positive. Let them leave room for miracles. Be absolutely unattached to the outcome. Release them to great spirit.

I would Love to hear your intention setting practice experience! How are you setting intentions for this upcoming season? What are your intentions?

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