Holistic Healing Offerings


Healing requires a holistic approach and so I have studied several modalities for healing the body, mind, and spirit. My work is focused on restoring balance and harmony within your energetic field. The medicine that I offer is rooted in Yoga, Therapeutic Sound and Vibrational Alchemy, EFT, Intuitive Card Readings, Plant-based Nutrition and Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Ceremonies, and Healing Touch. I am happy to work with one modality or to combine practices to help you find the balanced healing package or session that you need. I work with people remotely or can travel to your location if desired.


I am also available for public speaking, workshops, lectures, teaching, and private ceremony. I am very passionate about group work and the dynamic that arises in collaboration. It would be an honor to create a sacred healing space for your group. If you are interested in working together privately or in a group, with any of the offerings that I have available, please fill out the intention inquiry below.


Sensual Healing



Sessions address the physical, energetic, emotional and astral bodies. Ananda works with Tuning Forks, Gongs, Tibetan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Sound healing initiates the alpha-theta brain wave states that accelerate cellular healing.  Your session may include affirmations.  Affirmations can be helpful in changing stagnant or thought patterns  



Learn how to effectively utilize an easy to practice psychological acupressure technique. EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful method which can be used to overcome deep seated fears, anxiety and worry. It utilizes kinetic energy and accesses the energy lines or meridians that are used in traditional acupuncture.  



The peaceful light of healing touch is gentle and nurturing. The modality is similar to Reiki and works within your energy field to create a safe and serene atmosphere allowing you to reach a deep peaceful state in which healing and release come easily. This energy therapy can alleviate suffering and restore balance to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 



The Quantum Resonance Crystal Healing Bed is a powerful tool all by itself, but put it in an alchemists hands and you will deeply enhance your experience! 


The bed creates a gateway for heightened manifestation and physical healing using scalar wave energy, allowing the body to enter deep states of regeneration. During our session I navigate the master frequencies that help one easily achieve higher states of consciousness, harmonic resonance and energetic balance. The frequencies transmitted through headphones on the bed are designed for brain wave entrainment.


This session includes aromatherapy, tuning fork accupressure protocols, and healing touch. The work can be applied to physical ailments and pain reduction, working through grief, manifestation, stress and anxiety, depression, emotional, spiritual and etheric or blueprint levels of the consciousness.


The crystal bed allows the powerful transmissions of light, crystals, master healing frequencies, magnetics and scalar wave energy to effect the body at a quantum level. Our DNA is perfectly designed to regenerate and heal itself when stimulated by frequency.


I currently offer this service with advanced booking at a location in Evergreen, CO. 

Remote sessions are not available, however, I do offer therapeutic grade organic essential oils that have been energetically charged using these powerful frequencies

(see the temple gift shop)


Sessions can include:

Sound & Vibrational Alchemy 

EFT, Aromatherapy, Crystal Gridwork

Healing Touch or Plant Based Nutritional Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching, and more


During most sessions clients remain supine (unless  contraindications or comfort issues). Guided into deep relaxation with sacred sound frequencies, sound healing tools will be used to assess any diminished areas that may require healing. In addition, any personal requests made for focused healing work will be addressed. Vibrations are used in harmony and dissonance, to create a resonance through the release of stuck energy patterns and heart focused alignment. Tuning forks tuned to the ancient Solfeggio scale are used to initiate needleless acupuncture with sound. Ananda will work with all or select therapies depending on your goals to help regulate, restore and balance at the core the fundamental vibration of your being. 


PLANT BASED Nutrition & Wellness 


Working together to create food plans that ensure your needs are being met on a nutritional and emotional level. We are sensual beings with the desire to enjoy food that tastes great! I will work with you to discover what foods you prefer, how your pallet operates, to help you ease into the transition of a healthier lifestyle.




Personal Chef Service

for groups of 10 or less

This service is provided for any occasion from a special family gathering, entertaining guests or a romantic dinner for two. I will create a delicious fine dining experience with healthy food and Loving energy. You can relax and let me take care of everything! I will shop, cook, serve the food and clean! 


During our initial consult we will set a budget and select a menu for your personal chef created dining experience. You can choose from a simple one course dinner, tapas tasting flight or an extravagant five course meal, for up to ten party guests. I will offer a selection of whole food, seasonal organic plant based food to choose from. After you have made your selection, I will print elegant menus to provide for your guests. 




Ceremony & Ritual Offerings


Ananda offers creative direction, party planning, ceremony and ritual offerings.

Conscious Uncoupling

Baby Belly Blissing

New Business Abundance Blessing

Releasing Soul Contracts

Transformational Release for the Living

Transformational Release for the Dying

Prayer Circles

Mantra Meditation


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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​

Spiritual Celebration &Party Planning
Personal Chef Service &
Workshops & Lectures
Spiritual Crafting & Healing Rituals
Wilderness Therapy and Yoga Hikes
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Workshops & Lectures


Ananda has taught classes internationally and offers both remote & local class offerings. 

Mala Making Workshops


Malas are beautiful hand crafted prayer beads. They make wonderful gifts. In this workshop your group will create their own malas infused with intentions, prayers and Love. 


Embracing the Goddess Within


This is a women's workshop dedicated to embracing your own inner Goddess Nature

Movement Mudras Meditation


This is a women's workshop dedicated to embracing your own inner Goddess Nature