Relax and enjoy a sonic massage from the peaceful tones transmitted through this miraculous bed. An experience sure to initiate a deeply serene state within the mind, body and spirit.


Master frequencies of light, sound, and subtle unified field energy communicates on the quantum level creating the perfect environment for potentiality, intention and healing



Vogel crystals are unique in design, cut to create scalar wave output and to retain energetic information. They reflect and amplify energy directing it through a fine point at the tip of the crystal.


The crystals are held in place by a very intricate orgone device. The crystals are fully adjustable so that may hover directly over each chakra. 



The LED lights are programmed with different settings specifically to stimulate each chakra. DNA & mitochondria require light in order to generate ATP for healthy cellular function. Light therapy can increase levels of helpful hormone production, seratonin, melatonin as well as aid in the elevation of moods. 



Earth's magnetic field generates healing within our bodies. Researchers have found magnetite within living tissue, including the brain and pineal gland. We generate our own electromagnetic fields. The use of magnetics can improve bloodflow and oxygenation of the body and may decrease swelling and pain from arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions. 


The body responds cellularly to the frequencies surrounding it and transmits frequency as it shifts in and out of resonance. All matter exists at different rates of vibration, and therefore, has sound and resonant frequency. The creative potential of frequency to organize matter is phenomenal for healing work. The bed is fully programmable to emit any frequency.





Take a Journey

Take a Journey

The Crystal Bed is a miraculous healing journey that you will truly enjoy

Vogel Crystals Chakra Lights

Vogel Crystals Chakra Lights

These powerful and unique crystals hover over each chakra

Regenerate & Rejuvenate

Regenerate & Rejuvenate

Frequency & Light Therapy

Beautiful Quote by Shanondon

Beautiful Quote by Shanondon

When you make an intention and get on the bed, the crystals are aligned in co-creation with your Divine Intelligence.

Chakra Supercharge

Chakra Supercharge

Beautiful experience. Align and center

Rest Peacefully

Rest Peacefully

Enjoy a sonic massage

Dr Marcel Vogel

Dr Marcel Vogel

Package Pricing
Session Pricing

20 minutes / $33

a great way to refresh

30 minutes / $44

give yourself a boost

45 minutes / $55

fantastic healing experience

60 minutes / $77

total rejuvination & regeneration



Five Session Package
(includes 1 free session) $222
Ten Session Package
(includes 2 free sessions) $444


Five Session Package
(includes 1 free session) $288
Ten Session Package
(includes 2 free sessions) $588

Wondering what your session will be like?

After a brief consultation you will be placed on the crystal bed massage table. Your practitioner will provide you with headphones. There are a variety of soundscapes which you may choose from for your journey. Some of the available options are:

  • Asia

  • Beach

  • Fairy Rings

  • India

  • Jungle

  • Nepal

  • Tibet

  • Space 


Once you have made your selection, the Quartz Crystals will be placed very close to your body and aligned over each chakra. Your practitioner will make sure the volume is adjusted to your liking and may adjust the frequency depending upon your healing request or intention. You may use the time in deep meditation, intention work or just drift off peacefully to a state of deep relaxation or slumber.


Looking for a deeper healing experience? Schedule an Enhaced Crystal Bed session with Ananda by booking for COMBINED THERAPIES