The Moving Temple

I am a gypsy nomad free spirit at heart. I enjoy creating community and following the North wind. I refer to my private practice as The Moving Temple because of my wandering nature. You can find my services available at several locations throughout Colorado. I am also available for travel if you wish to bring me to you as a presenter. I welcome new locations and communities for the moving temple.

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It has been a such a blessing to have crossed paths with Ananda. Through her experience, compassion and genuine purity, she has been a divine catalyst for my spiritual, mental and physical healing. With each different modality Ananda brings, her intent is always focused from a place of integrity and understanding for all walks of life. Her desire is true, as she shares her captivating knowledge, experience and passionate soul throughout all of her unique practices, bringing results of peace, love and health within her students. I hold so much gratitude and appreciation for the many health and spiritual benefits I have received with each gathering that I have attended, that this extraordinary teacher has provided. I would highly encourage, and invite, anyone who is interested in exploring their truth within, improving their physical health and having the opportunity of bringing them to their highest potential , to participate within the safe and sacred teachings that Ananda beautifully provides for her students.

~ Lisa Wyatt

Ananda's authenticity, creativity and love as a healer runs deep within everything she creates for her people. From her sound healing to her ceremonies to her crystal bed experience she curates experiences that leave you at peace, clear, and connected. She is particularly wonderful at creating spaces and experiences to "heal those things that you can not see". She is a gift to us all and I find myself recommending her naturally to many people.

~ Nicole Huguenin

Ananda embodies love and care just being around her. She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and an amazing healer. Her classes are unique and powerful. I don’t trust many with my energy and healing sessions but I trust her and have experienced profound healing and breakthroughs thanks to her. She is a heart centered, loving healer and teacher who I look up to and admire!!

~ Kira Murphy

I have had the pleasure of working with Ananda helping facilitate multiple events throughout Colorado. She is a gem of a human to work with, and embodies her higher purpose towards serving others. I recommend her and her magic to anyone who wants to reach high levels of their own potential.

~ Rob Jugenheimer

Just being in the same room with Ananda is healing. The retreat I attended with her right after my son died gave me the courage to begin healing. Under her gentle and powerful guidance at her women’s circles, I was able to elevate my consciousness in a way that only she could show me was possible. And her sounds baths soothe the soul (wow!) I am so grateful that she shares her beautiful soul to heal others.

~ Stacey Linn

Ananda came into my life at a time where it seemed everything was falling apart. We talked, we cried, we laughed and became friends along the way. Her healing voice, songs, and presence stirred an a awakening in myself that I am very grateful for. Our world is lucky to have Ananda and the amazing events she puts together. I cant wait to go to another sound healing!💖💖💖

~ Jessica Friend

I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with such an enlightened being. Ananda has been there for me from the very first day we met. Thank you Ananda for all the wonderful guidance, wisdom, and strength you have shared with me and everyone else. I am so excited to come to the next session, I will travel across the United States if I have too. I hope all is well, I’m looking forward to the next piece of knowledge I gain while in your presence. Oh and by the way, did you know Ananda means “Bliss” in yoga Sanskrit?

~ Ryan McGhie

Having worked in the Alternative Health Field for over 13 years and with many practitioners from all over the globe, not one can compare to the healing gifts offered by Ananda Glick. Many I've worked with were knowledgable, many were gifted. Ananda is both. She is one of the most powerful healers of our time. She combines her incredible knowledge and clear intuition to create healing on all levels. Sending waves of love and healing with every scent, word and sound, her nurturing presence creates a safe place to give way to our true nature and our own ability to heal. Thank you, Ananda, for sharing your gifts and healing the world. 

~ Peggy Duffy

Five stars? Oh yeah! Such a soothing and grounding experience on the crystal-izing bed. I thought it was multiple hours, but I guess only a much shorter time. Slowly came back to planet Earth. Ananda rocks! 

~ Steven Schaumberg


Beautiful experience. Ananda is a magical Goddess who’s love changed my world.

~ Autumn Shae


I was lucky enough to attend one of Ananda’s Healing Grief and Letting Go of Loss meditations. The meditation was phenomenal and Ananda’s voice is simply angelic. When I returned to a conscious state I felt rejuvenated. Throughout the meditation, Ananda helped me work through a lot of inner struggles. I would highly recommend going to any or all of Ananda’s meditations!

~ Julie Anzovino


Ananda has a true gift and talent through her sound healing and classes. She has a soul that can radiate a room with positive energy. I love her classes and look forward to all of her events. ❤ Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. One love.

~ Nikki Hazamy


Ananda weaves her gifts of song, vibration, aromatherapy, story, bhakti, movement, and the crystal bed to heal, balance and ground health and Divine wisdom into the energy centers, brain and body as well as the subtle body. She anchors her sessions and her classes with grace, humility and love, creating a powerful cocoon for transformation and Self Love to emerge. It needs to be experienced, come experience the sweetness for yourself.

~ Sarifina Beshel


Ananda holds a powerful magic, her voice guides individuals towards spirit and healing. I am incredibly grateful to have connected with this divine being & to have shared her light and space.
~ Stacey Lee

If there were more than 5 stars to pick from, she would get all of them, so grateful to have met Ananda in my healing journey that began about a year ago. Ananda is truly an amazing healer with the most magnificent voice to match, from the Crystal healing bed along with her tuning forks & feathers to her sound healing with the singing bowls & the gongs, it is truly an experience everyone should try!! Love that girl!!

~ Laura Richards

Karma Yoga Center

Karma Yoga Center Karma Yoga Center is Denver’s home for Bhakti and Spiritual Yoga. Located in the heart of the Old South Pearl District A deeply healing sanctuary for the mind, body and heart. Open 7 days/week, offering yoga classes, workshops and events for all paths and levels.

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