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Ananda leads a variety of workshops, ceremonies and classes that are wonderful in any setting from small groups, to large crowds, festivals and retreats. If you don't see an offering that interests you please feel free to email with your request. Ananda is happy to create a tailored made program just for your group.

Sound Healing
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Ananda offers a wide variety of sound healing workshops and classes. Keep your eyes open for more content & information soon.

Ananda teaches several styles of yoga and offers private and group sessions. Keep your eyes open for more information coming soon.


Ananda offers guided meditations and is available for booking privately or in group settings to teach a series of mindfulness based stress reduction, mantra meditation, and several other meditation focused offerings. Please keep your eyes open. More information coming soon

Ananda uses a variety of tools and treasures in her work. She enjoys sharing her practices of creating sacred space and tools. Mala making. Altars and prayer spaces. Ceremony. Puja. Cleansing. Charging. Crystal Gridwork.

Creating Sacred Space & Tools
Bead Here Now
Private Mala Making Workshops & Parties

Ananda has been making Mala Prayer Beads for years. As one of her favorite classes to teach, her Mala Making Workshops are truly divine. Enjoy this gathering in your home or studio. Learn to create these beautiful and powerful meditation tools and talismans. 

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Oneness Kirtan
Crystal Bed Experience
Bead Here Now
Sound Healing Meditation
ReStorytive Yoga Classes
Attunement to Universal Love Vibration
Middleschool Meditaiton


A Journey Through the Magic of Mala Making

Mala Magic

Join together in co-creation for this beautiful practice. We will each create a unique string of prayer beads. Traditional malas are made from 108 prayer beads, a sacred and auspicious number. They are worn and used by yogis, saints and sages. They are more than just a beautiful adornment. Malas carry energetic blessings, and become infused with the vibrations of prayers, mantras and intentions. You can call upon your mala in times of need or to enhance your meditation practice. All supplies to create your beautiful mala will be included. Due to limited space and the need to gather materials prior to the workshop, pre-registration is required. Vedic Astrological Readings are also available. If you would like to create a personalized Mala based off of your astrological chart. 
This workshop is suitable for all levels of practice, from someone who has never heard of a mala before, to a yogi with a regular mantra practice.

During this workshop you will learn:
How to handcraft your very own mala bead necklace.
Meditation and Japa Practice.
The meaning of 108 beads.
Some historical reference.
Mantras for manifestation.
A brief overview of the power of sanskrit.
Traditional uses of mala beds.
How to wear and care for your mala. 
How to cleanse and recharge your mala.