I AM a BEing of light and Love on the Bhakti path, walking with an open heart, dedicated to a life of service and to the unfolding of all BEings.


I have had classical training in vocal music that awakened my soul to the powerful healing of music. I currently lead sound healing practices, guided meditation and a variety of yoga classes and styles. I Love to include the sacred, powerful vibrations of Sanskrit mantras and ancient prayers from many different cultures. I use a myriad of healing instruments in my work. I explore the field of vibration through tuning forks, Quartz and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, didgeridoo, tingsha, and several other wonderful vehicles. 


I AM a student sharing her practice on the 8 limbed path of yoga. I offer several different styles of classes. I consider myself a Bhakti Yogi. Bhakti is the yoga of devotion. My practice is deeply spiritual. I enjoy teaching privately and in a group, in a class setting or workshop style at festivals and gatherings. As a yogi, I practice Ahimsa in my lifestyle and diet. I AM a vegan. I have trained in plant-based nutrition and wellness coaching and enjoy helping others to explore the possibility of leading the gentle, Loving, vegan lifestyle.


I am an ordained Inter-Faith Priestess. It is a great honor to officiate weddings, funerals, as well as ceremonial practices and rituals. I believe the divine presence of God is always with us, for we are the essence of that presence.  



I AM......

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Healing requires a holistic approach and so I have studied several modalities for healing the body, mind and spirit. My work is focused on restoring balance and harmony within your energetic field. Some of the work that I offer is based in sound and vibrational alchemy, EFT, intuitive guidance/tarot readings, plant based nutrition, spiritual release practices, Healing Touch, Reiki and wellness coaching. I am happy to work with one modality or to combine practices to help you find the balanced healing package or session that you need. I work with people remotely, travel to you, or have a healing space in the town of Castle Rock, WA.


I am available for public speaking, workshops, lectures, teaching and private ceremony. I am fully Ordained as an Inter-Faith Priestess and perform sacred blessings, weddings, funerals, conscious uncoupling ceremonies and more. I am very passionate about group work and the dynamic that arises in collaboration. It would be an honor to create sacred healing space for your group. If you are interested in working together privately or with a group, please send me an inquiry

My Mission Mantra......

With an open heart, I walk the Bhakti path of devotion, dedicated to a life of service, facilitating the unfolding of all beings.